Monday, 1 April 2013

Minecon 2013

So we are all sure that minecon 2013 will happen as minecon 2012 in Paris was a great success as was the one in Veagas in 2011. Now we are all really not sure where it will be, seeing that in 2011 it was in the US and in 2012 it was in France i'm guessing that this next one will either be in Asia or in the home country of mojang Sweden.

My hopes for Minecon 2013 is that it is in a place that is mostly affordable for people from both America and Europe. I am personally excited where ever it might be as i really did enjoy the past minecon. The important thing about minecraft is the community and a big part in the last couple of years has been minecon. I hope that 2013 and possible future minecons to come the organisation would be a bit better. In the last two there has been a considerate lack of information and the information came vary late. We barely even knew where minecon 2012 was going to be just a few months before it happened.

In 2013 i hope to get a much better organised event with information better disperced.

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