Friday, 23 November 2012

Minecon 2012 Day-0

     I have arrive today to Paris. I had a nice flit and really some of the best food iv ever eating in an airplane. Once i got off the plane shit went down. First of all getting to my hotel was a god dam mess. First i had to take the speed train for one stop than the regular train for one stop to get to a place where i circled around the block for 45 minutes because the fucking hotel is not clearly labeled any where and barely anybody knew where it was and the ones that did were horrible at explaining. Once i finally got to the hotel i was told that i would need to pay an extra 250 euro deposit on top of paying for the room in advanced which was not clearly stated when i had booked the hotel, therefore i did not have the 250 euro extra that was required as i would also need money to live off of. It was a hassle getting a copy of the credit card that the hotel was booked with to vouch instead of the deposti. Once i finally did all this they told me that they do not accepted visa. At this point was royally pissed off. After all of that hassel they asked if they can have my password as a garenty which was the first thing i told them when they asked me for a deposit. So all in all my first experience with the "rele spa" hotel in Paris France is that its shit basically. The internet is not that amazing either and getting passed the security and that sort of shit is a hassle as well.

You'll get more detailed information in the video that will come out in the next couple of days.

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