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     Hey so its the day before i leave for minecon. Its Thursday today i'm leaveing tomorrow early in the morning. I probably not going to be posting many videos in the time im at minecon as i am not sure if there will be any good internet there that that can actually have the speed needed to upload videos. Though when i get back ill have loads of IRL footage for you guys stuff like just hanging out with cool people and IRL stuff with Ollie and also minecon converge  Its gonna be great fun and i can wait to see all of you guys there.

     Now i'm finally starting this blog up again its been a long time since july i think so its been quite a long time since i posted anything. I'm really looking forward to do stuff on the blog again. Now regarding our new clan channel. There is a new channel starting up at https://www.youtube.com/clanlonepc Thease guys are amazeing and we are glad to be a part of the channel. They do battlefield 3 montages, wtf moments stuff like that and wills soon start posting some epic call of duty black ops 2 gameplay/feeds/zombies/trick shoots ext. Make sure you check them out go sub to them its gonna help us out and also help out everybody else involved in that channel inclooding you guys because if they see that they are getting a good response lots of people watching ext. they will produce more content. oG and myself are the founding leaders along with Istick. We have lots of great people overthere and we are looking for lots more so just hit me up on youtube if you want to be part of something big.

So thank you guys for reading the rant page and i hope to see you on the battlefield.

Rants will come out every day or every other day. They will be related to either the channel or the personal life of Bluehoke and oG. Rant will be vary long posts of at least one paragraph. Rants will be labeled with the date they come out. If we fail to put out a rant for a day please try not to rage.


     So regarding the this I wanted to talk about the other day I shall not be able to upload videos from Friday because on Friday at 5:00am GMT +1 i will be going on a jury to northern Italy.

    Now yesterday on Wednesday my new computer finally got delivered to my house. And i spent all night installing drives for it's AMD graphics card. I learned something I will never again buy a computer with an AMD graphics card if I plan on installing Ubuntu Linux on it.


Ok so the rants art back!

     Sorry about not having any rants for a few days but iv been really having a lot of stuff to do. So today i'm gonna talk about a few this so this might be coming out in a few segments, but firstly and most importantly tomorrow i will finally be getting my new computer. Once it arrives ill just get a video recorded. 

     So the computer has... a 6-core 3.3 gHz, 8 GB of Kingston ram that is the most important things i'm not going to be writing about the graphics card and the mother board but i'm not. And all this is costing me around 480 euro really good price i think. 

I shall talk about the other stuff tomorrow or the day after!

Rants will come out every day or every other day. They will be related to either the channel or the personal life of Bluehoke and oG. Rant will be vary long posts of at least one paragraph. Rants will be labeled with the date they come out. If we fail to put out a rant for a day please try not to rage.


     So i have no interesting story or news or anything to write about today. But i can tell you this today is the one month aneversery of this blog at tomorrow is my 13th birthday. We are actually thinking about opening the server up for the public for one day.


     Earlier today i was working on my newest Race For Wool map. I mentioned this on a short post on the man page, but i wanted to expand on the subject. Un-like my previous Race For Wool map "the legacy returns" which was an adaptation of  Vechs' Race For Wool #2 this is a totally new map that is in no whey similar looking to Vechs' map, other then the rules and the basic idea of a Race For Wool.

     The map starts you up with a vary small amount wood (around 9 logs) and forces you to really pin down your enemy as they try to get up a ladder stage at the start. If you manage to use the cannon  provided at the start you will be able to brake the sand pillar where the other tame is forced to place their ladders. If even one peace of sand is broken all the ladders over top will fall and you can pin down your enemy again.

     Once you have a good support ready you can try go after an MLG chest that will contain diamond armor and an iron sword. The items could be vary useful in getting through later stages of the map.

     The map itself is not too hard but relies a lot on the other them creating PvP pressure so that you can not get across certain points. 

More on the map as i work on it. So far only about 1/4 of it is done.


    Today i was working on making the new background picture for the blog (everybody like :P) and it was really fun and rage giving  at the same time.

   I had the image ready and all saved and everything, and when i tried to upload it it was like nope chuck testa. File to big and it was like 4kb over 300kb which is the max for blogger. And so i got all pissed and started making a new on in the same stile. And that one turned out really well as well and that's the one you see on the background of this page, or Below here.

So i uploaded that to the blog and i looks really good, but i wanted to use the one i made originally for something. Took me like four hours to remember that we needed a new channel background as well and so i uploaded the original one for the blog on to the channel and it looks just as good there. I'm really happy with the result so ya. 

For anybody asking what image editing program i use i use Gimp just because it is free and it has 90% of all the functions that photo shop dose but i don't have to pay for it so i really like Gimp for that. If you wanna download it i think you can just Google search "Gimp download" and you will find something. 


Ok so today's rant is a bit of channel news. So I am on vacation from school in the next week and will try to get a bunch of videos uploaded and some just edited so that oG can upload them over the first week of march.

    The reason why i will be working harder and getting videos ready for the first week of march is because i will actually be away from the 9th of march to the 12th of march so uploading will not be an option, so hopefully I can organised with oG to upload the videos whilst i'm away. If not then i guess you will not be getting any videos for the first week of march. 

     About the trip t'm going on. I'm actually be going to Italy for the first time. I'm going with my school and we will be visiting a lot of places actually and i cant remember what :P but a lot any whey, 


  So for today's rant a bit of personal stuff. A funny story of what happened to me in school today.

   So we were snowball fighting in the yard today with they year seven kids and one of them is this big guy short but you know buff. And he takes this really big snowball and starts running in to where me and my class were and his was just about to throw it at my buddy tom and suddenly this short guy my really good friend Philip throws a snowball right in his balls. And so the buff guy called nick charges with that big snow ball at Philip and as he threw it tom and i throw snowballs and both of them hit nick in the head. And boy was he pissed that snow went all the whey form his shirt down in to his underpants. And nick was rolling on the floor with ice in his underpants.

So ya that was really funny had a really grate time today and thanks for reading the rant for the twenty second of February two thousand and twelve. 

Byeee :D

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