Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Rant on the new videos

Ok get ready for a rant! :D

     So, it seems that a lot of people enjoyed the first episode of the mindcrack "fan fan" server. A vary nice amount of views and likes witch is always nice. I have two more episodes ready to go up, some pranks i pulled on Ju%#^@_ and Ro%^@%&@$! (don't wanna spoil it for them). So i have that rendered and will hopefully put them up by the end of the week as soon as they come on ill start uploading. 

     In other news oG and i started a new series (weekly PvP) and that has had really really good feedback witch makes me really happy. A lot of people have been really interacting and have been raging at oG cause he lost and it was really funny. :D That video was also the first video where we could show off our new intro and nobody seems to have noticed that in the comments :P. And so now the credits for the intro thanks to oG for doing the amazing image and also to IronMan who is my vary good old friend that made the music (remix it). 

Thanks for reading,

hope you enjoyed,


look forward for more rants and longer posts

Oh ya and pictures!!! :D

We are building an air plain :D


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